Introducing TinyURL

TinyURL has been around for 18 years now, and it is still one of the best free URL-shortener out there. The following review puts this service under the scope to provide you with up-to-date information, so you can easily decide if TinyURL is the right tool for you, or it is not.

An URL-shortener is a simple tool which helps users to shorten the uniform resource locator (URL) of a webpage. It is basically used to shrink a long website address, so it is easier to include in messages and posts, and other texts. TinyURL came to existence in 2002, and even though it looks a bit aged, it is still one of the first choices of the users.


What does TinyURL offer to its users? Well, it offers what you expect from a tiny URL generator like this. There are five major features:

  • URL-shortening
  • Preview
  • Customization
  • Long expiration time
  • Toolbar

Let us look at these services one by one!

  1. TinyURL URL-shortening service

The most basic URL-shortening is what you get at TinyURL. It works well with all kinds of links, and it can make a hideous search result page’s URL of 600 characters to be only 25 characters in length. It is a fast service, which you can use to shorten any URL. The speed of the URL shortening is fantastic!

  1. The TinyURL preview service

When you visit the TinyURL website, you find a menu option which directs you to a page, where you can turn on the preview. With this setting enabled, whenever you click on a TinyURL generator created link, you can preview the long link, and decide, whether you want to go there or not. Simple, free, and useful!

  1. Customization

Creating a shortened link with this tool is easy, and it takes as much as three clicks. If you would like to add a unique alias, you can do so, by simply typing into the right field on the creation page. If the alias is already taken, you must come up with something else, or just go with the shortening.

  1. Never-expiring links

The TinyURL links never expire, so you do not have to worry about broken links in the future! (Well, except maybe if your website changed, and the link is in fact broken.)

  1. Toolbarbutton

It is not an extension for your browser, but it is a clever idea: with this toolbar button you have the option to create a shortened link for the website you are currently viewing! Easy as pie!

Speed and design

If you have already decided to go to the TinyURL webpage, you might find yourself a bit disappointed: it looks just like it looked 18 years age. It is simple, easy to use, and it is fast as lightning! You can get a shortened URL in a few seconds, without being distracted by ads and pop-ups.


TinyURL is a great tool, which is highly recommended for two reasons: it works, and it does it for free. In case you do not need to keep all your shortened URL in one place or you are an ad hoc user, this free tool is the best there is now!